Old Chevy farm truck ~ HDR

I went back to photograph the 1950? Chevy farm truck on Sunday, equipped with a wide angle lens this time. This is another attempt at HDR photography. I am still learning and having fun with it! I took many pictures from different angles. I often shoot  the same subject vertically and horizontally because the final images can convey a totally different feeling and emotion. I think I like the vertical shot best because of the dramatic sky. What is your favorite?

5 thoughts on “Old Chevy farm truck ~ HDR

  1. Maybe its just me, but I get a tremendous feeling of sadness from these photos. Wow, I mean the way the truck is listing to one side, and laying on that mound. It’s crying out to be towed in to a barn and restored !

    – Scott

  2. I am not a fan of HDR, but I believe that is not the point here. I like the angle on both, the bottom one feels a bit more balanced to me. I usually like working with negative space, but in this case, where it’s all about the subject itself, it looks more dramatic if it fills more of the frame.

  3. I like the top picture better. (vertical; more sky) I think the rocks in the bottom photo are a distraction. The extra sky in the top photo add more drama and emotion to the overall feeling of the “story”.

  4. Humm I like then bout but the bottom one seams a bit more pleasing to the eye. Might like to see the hood with the emblem and the grill.. nice work

  5. Initially I thought I liked the dramatic sky in the first shot better, but the more I looked at the two photos, the more I dug looking at the wide expanse of the Chevy. You still get a great feeling of the imposing weather.

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