Photo Essay – Quaint French Shop Signs

Of all the countries I have visited over the years,  I must say that France displays some of the most creative and colorful shop signs to be found…


Care for some fish for dinner? The fishermen are back and La Poissonnerie is open for business!


This jewelry artist displays her work on her sign. What a clever idea!


I doubt the mailman will deliver your mail on horseback, but welcome to the post office!


In need of a trim?


This cute little pig invites you to the Charcuterie, which mostly sells pork products… Vegetarian anyone?


Old French bicycles often retire as shop signs…


This B&B owner hired a local artist to paint his sign and wishes ‘Bienvenue’ to all his guests!


How about freshly ground coffee and a good book?


Even the public restrooms deserve a sign painted by a local artist!


I hope you enjoyed this walk through quaint French streets. Remember, always look up so you don’t miss a thing!

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Valerie Jardin

8 thoughts on “Photo Essay – Quaint French Shop Signs

  1. Quite lovely. You’re quite right about signs in the small towns of France. I spend more time taking photos than shopping in the stores they’re advertising. Do you recall where the post office sign is located?


  2. They are lovely. I sure wish we had this creativity and “constraint” in American signage. Historically, the colonies have had such beauties, but bigger, brighter, louder has prevailed currently, to our detriment.


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