Mill City District – Minneapolis, MN – USA

One of my favorite Minneapolis neighborhoods is the Mill City District. Located on the historic Mississippi river front, just a few blocks from the downtown area, Mill City is a perfect blend of old and new.

The ruins of what was once the world’s largest flour mill became the Mill City Museum in 2003.

Its court yard is also the stage for local musicians all summer long.

Factories and warehouses are now converted into luxury condos and hotels.

The new Guthrie Theater and its Endless Bridge, designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, was added to the scene in 2006.  The award winning building is a real engineering feat and the venue for world class performances.

In order to get the best view of the Mill City district, a walk across the Stone Arch Bridge is a must. It is also the perfect spot to view the Upper St. Anthony locks and dam.


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5 thoughts on “Mill City District – Minneapolis, MN – USA

  1. Great photos Valerie. Thanks for sharing. My family has strong ties to this area. My father was a General Mills (thus Gold Medal flour) man for 30 plus years and has shared some good stories from events that took place inside that flour mill. Also, my paternal grandfather, an immigrant from Norway, was the foreman for the St. Anthony NSP (Northern States Power) station. There is an old article from the Star Trib about him and how “no one knew that part of the river better than Mathias.” It’s one of my favorite parts of the city.


  2. L’atmosphére qui se dégage de ces photos est très spéciale, entre images de synthése et BD, le mélange des différentes époques de construction, la présence de ruines donnent aux photos un caractére surnaturel, bien vu une nouvelle fois.
    Bon dimanche,


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