Experimenting with HDR

HDR: High Dynamic Range imaging. It basically consists in merging multiple photographs using exposure bracketing. HDR images are actually a closer representation to what the eye can see, with better contrast and detail than a typical photograph. The use of several exposures to fix a range of luminance is not new. French photographer Gustave Le Gray experimented with similar techniques to photograph seascapes in the 1850s! He used one negative for the sky and one with a longer exposure for the sea and combined the two in a single picture.

HDR opens a whole new world of possibilities. Isn’t it exiting to discover something that will give you a renewed interest in your photography. I was never really interested in landscape photography for example. I am really enjoying experimenting with it now!

The image below was created with 3 images 2 stops apart and HDR processing with Photomatix Pro. Also, I used a Joby Gorillapod (much smaller and lighter than a standard tripod when out on a day hike) and easy to secure to a tree branch, post, bench, etc.

6 thoughts on “Experimenting with HDR

  1. I do like landscape photography and I can’t wait to get up to my sisters and experiment. She is up on the western slope of the rockies and high on a mountain. I have gotten some great shots up there. Thanks for sharing.


  2. For those of us unfamiliar with much more than the “point and shoot” photography, it’s interesting reading your comments about your process of getting these fantastic pictures.
    Thanks for sharing!


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