The Old Smokehouse

There are days, in the life a photographer, when you find your muse in the least expected place… Yesterday afternoon was probably the worst time to go out and shoot out in the open. It was a bright and sunny day and I had left my polarizing filter in a different camera bag! I decided to scout an area located just a few miles from home without any great expectations. This old smokehouse appeared in the horizon and I set out to walk through a muddy field to get a closer look. The harsh sun light was making a good shot almost impossible but I decided to shoot away, hoping that I could salvage something with some post processing in the digital darkroom. I don’t make a habit of processing my images. For one thing, I’d rather be out there with my camera than in front of my computer screen. Yet, there are times when going a little crazy with post processing is necessary. The resulting image is actually what I see when I close my eyes and remember the old shack. My intention was to recreate an emotion and the timeless feel of the place.

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