Traveling back to 1860 farm life in the Midwest…

It was a stormy morning in May when I stepped back in time at the Oliver H. Kelley farm in Elk River, Minnesota. Some of the farm hands were busy getting the animals ready for a full day of work in the fields. The garden was being tended to with the help of one of the many farm cats, while the three-week-old calf was greeting and following the workers around the farm. The broken handle of the water pump was in the process of being replaced by a new one as the sky was darkening and the storm quickly approaching…

I hope you enjoyed this journey back to the 1860s on an American farm. I would love to get your feedback so feel free to leave a comment. You can also subscribe to the blog and/or join Valerie Jardin Photography on Facebook (see the icon above). Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Traveling back to 1860 farm life in the Midwest…

  1. Thanks for sharing Valérie – excellent exposure and I especially love the ‘vintage’ from the almost sepia tones.


  2. On a vraiment l’impression de retourner 100 ans en arriére!! Tu as travaillé avec quelle focale? J’aime bien aussi ton travail sur PC pour le rendu qui est excellent!
    Bon aprés-midi…


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