Keeping History Alive – Part II – A year later…

During my recent trip to France I had the opportunity to photograph the Carentan Liberty Group again. I caught up with them in Normandy near the coastal town of Carteret in the Département of La Manche. They were participating in a reenactment weekend in a countryside that still bares scars from tragic battles that took place some 66 years ago. Their goal, as collectors and history buffs, is to make sure that this important part of history is not forgotten. They want their children and grand children to remember the sacrifice made by so many in order to free their country, my country. Here are a few of the candid images I captured that day…

9 thoughts on “Keeping History Alive – Part II – A year later…

  1. Merci Valérie pour ces superbes photos et nous sommes ravis d’avoir fait votre connaissance lors de ce week-end en Normandie.

    Aristide, Louis, Angélique & Sébastien


  2. Excellent photos. I worked as a photographer, photo-technician and photojournalist for 16 of my 20 years in the U.S. Marines. I know the work entailed in producing quality photos. It is also encouraging that there are those who want to remember.


  3. Valérie …mes felicitations pour ce reportage il est bien temps de rappeler aux enfants et petits enfants le courage de tous ces jeunes gens qui sont tombés pour nous libérer …..nous meme les séniors nous noublions pas….bisous


  4. Un beau reportage! Le travail au télé en réduisant la profondeur de champ donne un coté vraiment réaliste, l’impression qu’un reporter de guerre est passé par ce camp en 1944… il vient de développer ses bobines de pellicules Kodak et va les envoyer au magazine Life… son nom : Robert Capa


  5. Hi Valerie, thank you very much for your beautifull pictures, I’m very happy to see you in Normandy last week-end with your familly, and happy to know your interrest about jeep trip.
    See you
    Greeting from Normandy
    Your Friend Jean-Marie


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