The old Chevy farm truck revisited…

As a photographer, you find interesting subjects in the least expected locations. Had I gone to a junk yard that day, chances are that I would not have stumbled upon such an interesting old truck. It was sitting behind a greenhouse that I was visiting to photograph flowers… Now, how did I end up back there? Why did I end up not shooting a single flower that day? The old truck was probably in need of a little ego boost in memory of the glory days when, new and shiny, it was driven to the farm where it would finish its life on a pile of dirt. This ended up being one of my favorite pictures. You never know where your muse will take you!

5 thoughts on “The old Chevy farm truck revisited…

  1. Valerie, This is wonderful and I love the perspective! Don’t you just love finding things you never expected when you’re out to shoot something specific! It’s one of the things I love the most about photography.


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