The hunter…

I was out early this morning to capture images of sunrise on this frosty morning. I was walking along the  wooded area of the golf course near my house when I came face to face with this beautiful fox. We were both startled and froze immediately (me almost literally since I was not dressed warm enough!) I expected that she would run away but I did not move and slowly got my camera up to my eye. She gave me this inquisitive look and suddenly  heard a rodent in the tall grass. She made such a jump that I almost fell backwards, trying to capture the action but it all happened too fast…  I stayed put, low to the ground, moving slowly towards her as she resumed her hunt for breakfast. I stayed and observed her every move for quite a while until I knew it was time to leave her alone and not jeopardize her hunt for food before the long winter months ahead.  Here are a few of the images I captured this morning… This was an unforgettable encounter, it made my day and gave me renewed admiration for wildlife photographers!


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12 thoughts on “The hunter…

  1. Wow Très belles photos Valérie, superbe capture sauvage digne de figurer dans un livre sur les animaux

    Bravo et merci pour le partage



  2. You did incredibly well, and I was so hoping you’d have one of her beautiful face, and you did. How exciting! As you’ve said before, you never know what you’ll stumble upon when you’re in pursuit of photographic material. Bravo!


  3. How exiting!!! I wish I was in your shoes this morning I absolutely love encounters like this!! Unfortunately, I get all rapped up in the moment and never get the shots, lol. I guess that’s why I’m not a wildlife photographer 🙂 Nice set Valerie…thanks for sharing your moment!


  4. Wow Valerie! Not just amazing photographs but an unforgetable experience with a wild animal in the privacy of her morning hunt! Now that you’re fired up by this, beast your tennis game!


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