I love street photography and, until recently, I would mostly take candid photographs of people from a distance with a telephoto lens. I switched techniques recently (and lens) in order to try a more personable approach to street photography, a more intimidating one too… Engaging strangers in a conversation, making a connection, then proceeding to shoot a few frames is my new challenge.

Walking down the street of a major city and striking a conversation with a stranger in order to photograph them is an exercise that most photographers fear. It’s not an easy thing to do, we all fear rejection.  Yet, nothing beats the satisfaction of making someone’s day by complimenting them on their hat, outfit or cool shades and capturing that moment in a photograph. Just remember, a smile can go a long way. Most people like to have their picture taken! Here are a few of the great faces I photographed during my photo walk this morning…


7 thoughts on “Faces

  1. Thank you! It was a fun photo shoot! I also love candid street photography, when you wait for a story to unfold and try to capture it in a single frame. This approach was just as challenging but in a different way. I think both types of street photography complement each other.


  2. These are awesome Valerie! I have wondered about street photography, but the fear thing, and is it really ok, will they look at me like I’m nuts, you know. You are my fearless leader. Maybe I can try it this weekend. Thank you Yoda!


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