Street photography in Paris ~ Summer 2010

From Rue Cler to Le Pont des Arts, from Le Quartier Latin to Le Jardin du Luxembourg, street photography is what I love to do and Paris has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes it particularly challenging and exciting. I love to capture candid expressions and fleeting moments. You learn so much about a culture when you observe people on the street. Telling a story in a frame, that’s what street photography is all about!

Here are a few random photographs from my short stay in Paris last summer. I hope you enjoy them. Please leave a message below and  let me know which one is your favorite!

The first few images featured here were made on Rue Cler, which has a real neighborhood atmosphere, even during the busy tourist season.


Get a glimpse of La Tour Eiffel from a Segway…


Le Pont des Arts is always a great place to sit on a warm afternoon or late into the night…


The Shakespeare bookstore…


What better place to observe people than Le Jardin du Luxembourg…

10 thoughts on “Street photography in Paris ~ Summer 2010

  1. Valerie,

    You capture the essence of life; while I enjoyed and was inspired by all your photographs, I think my favorites are Paris Street Photo 11 and 20 (the couple conversing with newspaper in hand, and the little fisher boy. You inspire me to get out my new Nikon 70-200 VR and use it for what it was intended when I purchased it. Thank you for sharing once again.


  2. Valerie,

    As you probably have deduced I have a soft sport for pistures of children playing and especially those playing in the gardens of Paris with their boats. They make my heart sing, but I must say I do love the last photograpg of the woman in the Luxembourg gardens, sitting in the shade on a hot day, taking it all in. Many thanks for sharing all of these.


  3. Valerie, I really like these. I haven’t been to France in years, but these shots make me long to return. I especially love the grabs of the little boy at the fountain. So reminiscent of the carefree days of just living.


  4. Ah, Valerie,

    You’ve taken me down memory lane this afternoon. What time does the next plane leave for Paris? I like the couple at the cafe with the newspaper and the boy leaning over the wall of the pond working on getting his pond boat.


  5. You really capture the feeling I had in Paris on my one and only trip. I think that’s remarkable since you are French and know it so well. My favorite? All are evocative and together create a narrative, but the last one with the woman in silhouette savoring the view of Le Jardin du
    Luxembourg may top the list. Even from the back, I sense a Parisian who goes there regularly–my fantasy.


  6. All are great! I think my favorites are of the kids with the sailboats and the one of the little boy by the apple stand. But, honestly, they’re all great!
    I just love Paris and would love to get back there soon!


  7. Bien les photos! L’avantage du télé, voir sans être vu, cela donne de très belles images “sur l’instant”!!
    Bon aprés-midi,


  8. Lovely pictures, and difficult to pick a favorit, but I like the last picture very much.
    Also I love the picture of the child in front of the fruitdesk.
    I would like to go to Paris, maybe I do it this spring 🙂


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