Lake Superior, Minnesota 2011 – February Storm

Duluth, Lake Superior, Minnesota, USA.

What an awesome weekend to be staying on the shore of the largest body of fresh water in the world! According to the operator of the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge, the wind was blowing at 40 knots with gusts of up to 60 knots (69 mph). It wasn’t a very restful night but what a reward in the morning when everything was covered in ice from the waves. As you can imagine, walking against the wind and on ice was almost impossible. I was out for quite a while and captured these images…

Sunday, February 20th 2011

The next day… Monday, February 21st 2011


17 thoughts on “Lake Superior, Minnesota 2011 – February Storm

  1. Valerie, you are such a genius, thank you for sharing with us these incredible pictures. I feel the beauty, and I am so happy that my friends in the tropics who haven’t seen winter more or less snow, get the opportunity to see all these little miracles .


  2. Wow! So miserable and so beautiful. Really great photos. My favorite is the frozen bench with the quaint, inviting buildings in the background. It looks as if Jack Frost blew right down the middle and left the buildings & trees around them completely untouched! 🙂


  3. Thank you all for your comments. It was an unforgettable experience indeed. I had never experienced winds so strong (and cold…)
    Now i know that you can actually lean against the wind without falling!
    Btw, i had 2 extra sets of fully charged batteries inside my jacket. They were draining very fast in the camera!


  4. Impressionnant et magnifique à la fois!
    La neige, la glace sont d’excellents sujets pour faire de bonnes photos, il suffit d’avoir l’oeil!!
    Beau travail!


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