Chris Porsz, Street Photographer ~ Part 3

This is part three and final blog post introducing you to the work of UK Street photographer Chris Porsz. If you missed parts one and two, they are linked at the bottom of this post.

Street photography is also finding the right scene and waiting for the action to take place. It requires a lot of patience and a good eye but the results are well worth the wait. I will illustrate this with several images captured by Chris in his hometown of Peterborough, England. This type of pictures is also referred to as a Feature image which are often used in newspapers with little or no caption to bring a smile to the reader’s face.



If you missed Part 1: Click here – Part 2: Click here

You can connect with Chris Porsz (pictured below) on Facebook here: Connect with Chris

Follow him onTwitter @porszphotos

Chris’ work is also featured in


6 thoughts on “Chris Porsz, Street Photographer ~ Part 3

  1. Thanks Chris for sharing your keen eye for seeing levity in the otherwise ordinary that so many people miss! It’s a beautiful outward point of view.


    • Hi Claudia

      Glad you enjoyed my blog thanks to Valerie’s unstinting efforts. She has inspired me and got me off to a good start. So Iam hoping this old technophobe will be able to produce my own blog. Watch this space.



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