Photo pick of the week #46 – This week YOU decide!

It’s March and it’s still snowing… I spent an hour at the Como Conservatory this afternoon. It was really nice to breathe warm and humid air for a while! Here are a few pictures I took and it’s your time to pick the photo of the week! They are numbered so don’t be shy, leave a comment and let me know if you have a favorite. Thanks! Valerie


























18 thoughts on “Photo pick of the week #46 – This week YOU decide!

  1. Hi Valerie As you know I am a people man but I love nature too and appreciate that your photography covers all aspects. I like the small details that are often missed. My favourite is 5. Best wishes Chris.


  2. I love number 1 and number 7 and couldn’t decide between them. I like the delicate trembling green of the fern, and the vibrant purple of number 7.


  3. Un peu d’exotisme et de couleur cela change du spectacle de l’hiver! On pourrait s’imaginer que tu as fait un voyage dans un pays d’Amérique du Sud!!
    Bonne fin d’aprés-midi,


  4. My favorite is no 5! 🙂 Love the palm tree and the backlight behind the branches. I also love No. 7 for the colour and pattern. Good work and good way to escape winter albeit briefly!


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