Photographic exercise

Here is a fun exercise to help develop your photographic eye. As you are walking down the street or at the park, stop and look for one interesting thing to photograph within 10 feet of where you stand. Look up, look down, look for lines, shapes, details, shadows, etc. I bet you’ll be surprised by how many interesting things you’ll discover. I was walking down Rice Park in St Paul yesterday. It’s the time of  year when everything looks ugly with gray melting snow everywhere you look. A park bench without anyone sitting on it can look pretty boring, unless you look for beauty in the ordinary.


4 thoughts on “Photographic exercise

  1. They used to have an exercise in photography schools where you were supposed to go into your bathroom with a camera and roll of film and find 36 interesting images. Similar.


  2. You have an excellent eye. Very inspiring! Really nice seeing with the bench…but even more so, great composition, and choice of settings.

    Take care and keep taking pictures. Ceil


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