Discovering a new world my backyard…

As a pro photographer you usually invest into gear you need for work. Yet, I shoot all the time, for work and for fun. It’s my passion. I had a birthday this week and I received a great surprise… the Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. It’s my new toy! I’ve been playing around with it in the backyard, didn’t even bother with a tripod, just having fun! Here are a few of my early macro discoveries. Who said you need to travel far to see extraordinary things?

Dandelion flower

Lilac flower

7 thoughts on “Discovering a new world my backyard…

  1. Loved the dandelion images. There’s something about a dandelion’s simplicity which really appeals.

    (the Canon 100mm macro was my FIRST lens & I think you will continue to find it great fun).


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