Meet Curtis, the Minneapolis Dog Whisperer

I was enjoying coffee with friends this morning on 46th Street in Minneapolis when the most unusual sight appeared from across the street… A man was walking a dozen dogs, big and small, in a very orderly fashion. Wow! I have one small dog and she is not a good leash walker so I was quite impressed! He sat on a park bench in the shade near the spot where my friends and I were sitting, got plenty of water for his canine friends and a cup of coffee for himself and enjoyed a nice long break before resuming his walk. Curtis is not your ordinary dog walker, he is actually a dog trainer. We talked for a few minutes while the dogs were napping and I was amazed at how well they were behaving and listening to his directions. You can learn more about Curtis by visiting his blog here. Here are a few of the picture I took this morning, enjoy!

it's good to have a friend to lean on!

Okay, I'll pose for a few pictures!

I'm getting a bit...


Wake me when you're done taking my picture...

I found a really good spot under the bench!

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