A quiet bay on Lake Superior

This is the view from the campground I stayed at on the north shore of Lake Superior over the weekend. Here are two images of the same bay at the same time of day (just before sunset). The main difference between the two images is the position of the horizon line in my composition. Which one do you prefer?

11 thoughts on “A quiet bay on Lake Superior

  1. Beautiful! I like the first one just a bit better because the colours of the trees reflected on the water are so pretty! I have spent the last hour scrolling through your blog, I really love your work!


  2. I think both photos have merit. The first is certainly more ethereal. I love themoon in it. The second does give a better feeling of place. I think I like the first better. Great reflection !! Can you share how you took these, settings, lesn, etc?


  3. I love the second one. It looks more ‘grounded’ & gives great depth in the scene. The first one looks a bit too much like the island is floating in thin air, although the colour of the trees is more balanced.

    How about trying the tree colour of the first image placed in the horizon of the second image (if you know what I mean).


  4. I love the first one, this picture is more exciting, with the Moon and composition.
    Just like yours FB photo with the fog on the same location. The second picture shows too much information, is my opinion.


  5. I like the second one for the composition but I prefer the color saturation in the first. No matter what, it looks like a great place to visit.


  6. I love the 2nd one. I think the rocks on the near shore make it feel more like I’m there and I really like the cloud formations in that one. I really like the 1st one too, but it draws me more to the interesting reflection rather than transporting me there. I guess it’s all in what I’m looking for at the time and since I’m stuck inside on a not-so-lovely day surrounded by artificial lighting and concrete, sitting by the lake sounds lovely. Thanks for a moment of serenity in my day. 🙂


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