Life in the Prairie in the 1820’s ~ Fort Snelling, Minnesota.

I love historical reenactments! They make such fun photo opportunities. Fort Snelling if one of my favorite places to visit locally. The challenge was to shoot everything handheld in available ambient light. I tried to make good use of window light and bumped up the ISO as some of the buildings were very dark.

I hope you enjoy the following pictures. It was a fun visit!

The General Store

Waiting for the drill

The blacksmith

The doctor preparing for the bullet extraction...


The school teacher

The Snellings' cook

Supervising the work in the kitchen

The pantry

Mrs Snelling eating her meal…

The woodchucks live under the fort...

Laundry time!

4 thoughts on “Life in the Prairie in the 1820’s ~ Fort Snelling, Minnesota.

  1. Beau reportage! Les détails sont nombreux, une source d’inspiration pour le photographe! Les photos sont d’excellentes qualités (le gros plan sur l’arme me plait beaucoup!)


  2. Hi Valerie. I share your interest in history, and specifically Minnesota history, since that is my home state. I’m currently researching and writing a book to explain how our states got their crazy shapes, and I’m blogging little excerpts from my chapters. Minnesota was my most recent blog post. If you’ve ever wondered why Minnesota has the little bump at the top, check out this short explanation:


  3. Love your images of the the early ‘1800’s’ – interesting for me (being from Australia). The first general store image had wonderful light in particular. The interior shots were very interesting comparing them to our early Australian home interiors.


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