Le Chateau de Brécy

Ah, que j’aime ma Normandie! I discovered a magical place this summer. Tucked in a wooded area surrounded by farmland, the Chateau de Brécy reveals an amazing garden. With influences from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the classic enclosed French garden spreads on four terraces and reveals hundreds of fascinating details for the photographic eye. Here are a few of the images I made that afternoon…


11 thoughts on “Le Chateau de Brécy

  1. Your exquisite photography just makes me want to reach out and feel the textures here in your work. I had previously seen an article on the Chateau de Brecy garden and it is quite breathtaking. Thankyou so much for sharing your beautiful work ~ Arlene, Australia


  2. Très beau reportage!! Finesse des détails!
    Si tu viens un jour en Poméranie, il y aura aussi de belles photos à faire… mais les châteaux prussiens n’ont plus la même allure!! Ils sont dans un état de grâce… 66 ans de ruines et d’abandons!!
    A plus tard,


  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and for taking the time to leave a comment, I really appreciate it!
    @Claudia: yes, artichokes do bloom and people buy bouquets of them at market. Aren’t they beautiful?


  4. J’aime ta Normandie. I also love the textures in these images but my favorite is the blue flowers. Are those really artichokes? Do they really flower?


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