People on the coast…

I did not spend any time doing street photography in Paris this summer. I will be there again over the winter once the tourists are gone… After my trip to London I spent another couple of weeks on the Normandy coast, which is my home. I love people, interacting with them or simply observing them from a distance. The way they walk , their hand gestures, their facial expressions, etc.  The pace is quite different on the coast, sometimes it feels as if life has shifted to a slower gear…

I am also experimenting and customizing a new B&W setting. Stepping away for the traditional flat B&W. I like the texture and the depth in this more contrasty look. What do you think?

11 thoughts on “People on the coast…

  1. Thanks for your quick follow up…

    I only use Twitter for business.

    Please send me a Friend invite for FB…and I know I have to be invited by you for Google+.

    Looking forward to it all… thanks again!



  2. Luv your b&w work, Valerie…especially your street scenes.

    Street photography, as I know you can certainly attest to, can be so challenging. And so rewarding, as your images show…

    Just a couple of curious questions:

    Do you shoot in b&w thru the lens, or do you convert over in post-prod?

    Re. your last image above, of the four sitting outside of the cafe: how far/close were you to the subject, and if I may ask, what lens length were you using?

    This is my first time at your site (found it thru the site “DPS Digital Photography School”).

    Rick Godwin
    San Francisco


    • Hi Rick, thank you for visiting my blog. The pictures on that post were shot with my 24-70 mm f/2.8 lens. When on a photo walk I make a point to only have one camera, one lens and I feel the 24-70 offers enough flexibility for street and architecture (I just wish it was lighter!) I shoot in color and convert into a custom B&W in Lightroom. I am glad you found links to may personal blog through dPS. Feel free to connect through FB, Twitter or Google+.


  3. I love black & white photography & your pics look great when there is so much light & shade in the images. Love the texture on the beard of the sailor with the binoculars & also like the composition of the sailor on the boat. Photographing older people who have faces with lots of character are perfect for that textured B & W effect.
    The two fishermen standing on the rocks was the only pic that didn’t come out so well – maybe the sea was too calm & looked a wee bit too pale to show up much in the way of texure.
    Second last photo of the older couple sitting on the seat is a particularly lovely shot.


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