It’s Fair Food Time!

I am not a big fan of crowds but who can resist the Minnesota State Fair? With 100,000+ visitors each day, it marks the end of Summer. The last hurrah! For some, it may be the last big bite before going on a diet… This year I decided to focus on people eating only, here are some of the resulting photos. Some will bring a smile to your face, some may make you shake your head in disbelief. One thing for sure, after focusing on all this food, I couldn’t eat 🙂

I would love to read your comments!

18 thoughts on “It’s Fair Food Time!

  1. Interesting concept – to take pictures of folks while they look their worst – for the most part anyway. What motivated you to choose this topic to focus on?


    • Photographers often give themselves self assignments. A theme makes any photo walk more interesting. Such as focussing on a specific architectural detail, a color or repetitive patterns for example. If you try to see everything through your lens, you end up seeing nothing. Don’t you find it ironic that people look so dissatisfied eating fair food when that’s why they came to the fair in the first place?


  2. Can’t believe the size of those buckets of hot chips. Most of the fast food looks really strange to me here in Aust. I was amazed to see the ‘pained’ expressions on the people’s faces. Almost looks like they are being forced to each that junk food against their will and that they weren’t enjoying any of it.
    Only the child in the last photo looks vaguely happy.
    I must say next time I eat a snack in the street, I’ll remember to smile between bites. LOL.


  3. Yes! That’s what I miss about the State Fair (or any summertime fair, for that matter): the people, the food … the heartburn, the upset stomach. 🙂 Thanks for your photos, Válerie!


  4. I agree with Joan although I’d say the child with the cotton candy is the only one who appears to have any sense of joy. If anthropologists find these photos many years from now, what will they conclude? Also, I don’t know what half of these “foods” are and I doubt my ancestors would know either. I, too, enjoyed the photos.


  5. Once again you have superbly captured real life! Except for the two children, who look sweet and content, no one looks like they are enjoying eating fair food. That kind of makes a statement about ‘food-on-a-stick’! I wonder if people eating healthy food look happier?


  6. I love the one of the woman who is so hungry that she has resorted to eating her partner’s shoulder. Also the recycle sign shot ( bet you didn’t have to wait too long) and boy attacking a sausage. I know you have to make a living out of showing food at it’s best but including people adds a whole new dimension. Food for thought!


  7. If I had never been to the MN State Fair, I would not believe the food being eaten by these people. I have eaten some of the food in your photos, although is smaller quantities. A few photos did bring a smile, but the rest were less “appetizing”.
    On a lighter note, I always enjoy viewing your photos.


  8. Anne, thank you for your comment. Actually I used to shoot from a distance. Now I get much closer to people. It’s easy to get close in a large crowd like this. Most people don’t even notice you and the ones who do usually don’t have a problem with it, here they were too absorbed in their food 😉


    • Kathleen, good question! These images are for editorial use only. As long I don’t sell them or use them to sell a product they are just like the pictures in a newspaper and no release is necessary. You could have your picture in the front page of a newspaper and no one would ask you for your permission…


  9. I really like how you capture the facial expression while people are eating. Do you have a zoom lens to keep a reasonable distance between you and your subject? I’m always shy and don’t know how to capture people like the way you do. Thanks for the info, Valerie.


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