Interesting Faces ~ Howard

I am starting a new series of street portraits! It won’t be a weekly or monthly thing… Just whenever I’m inspired to get out and photograph strangers in the streets. I could do this every day, I find it very addicting. Unfortunately my busy schedule only allows me to do street photography on rare occasions. Starting this new series may just be the incentive I need to make more time for it!

I met Howard on Sunday afternoon in Minneapolis. He was participating in the Occupy Minnesota movement. We had a nice conversation.  He was just finishing his third week of protest and said that he was ready to brave the snow that will soon cover the pavement in front of the government building… Good luck Howard, try to stay warm!

One thought on “Interesting Faces ~ Howard

  1. Des indignés comme en Espagne… mais en France c’est plus difficile de mobiliser les gens surtout quand les conditions pour manifester sont inconfortables!!
    Bonne fin de journée,


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