On Fire

I never photograph sunsets. I think it’s been done so many times and by so many talented photographers, that there is nothing new I could possibly contribute to the art of sunset imagery. I happened to have my camera in hand when I walked by this pampas grass which seemed to be on fire with the sun setting behind it. It was practically in my backyard and I snapped a few frames. I recently posted it on FB and G+ and was amazed by its popularity.

Lessons learned:

1) People love sunsets

2) Even if a subject has been done millions of times before, try to shoot it differently, add you own personal vision and  create something a little different.

10 thoughts on “On Fire

  1. What a beautiful picture! I know that I, for one, never tire of sunsets – they are generally so beautiful! Thank you for stopping to take the picture, and then sharing it with us!


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