January in Paris

Although my short stay in Paris in January was more for work than photography, I enjoyed doing some street photography along the way. After years of experiencing Paris during the touristy summer months, seeing it through my camera in January was priceless and I fell in love with my capital all over again!  Here are some of my keepers:

16 thoughts on “January in Paris

  1. Valerie – Some of your best work is on the street…in black & white…You’ve certainly captured the image of Paris in winter, at least how I remember those Parisian winter days. Your photo of the Paris street corner with the gendarme giving directions (to what may appear to be American tourists) is very cool…especially with the outdoor sign above the brasserie in the right-background…exclaiming “Breakfast and Lunch any time” in English !! And your classic “diagonal” composition in the last image, with the added human element of the lady on the sidewalk, works really well too…


  2. Your photos just makes me want to go there, Valerie. I am already imagining what it is like early mornings and late afternoons. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Wonderful Black and White images. They make me wish I’d seen Paris in winter (instead of mid summer) in the late 1970’s.
    The final colour image is just as stunning.


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