Minneapolis Reflections

Next time you walk downtown a large city,  look up! Reflections in glass buildings can be a real treat for the eyes!

6 thoughts on “Minneapolis Reflections

  1. J’adore ces photos-là. J’en ai fait beaucoup dans le même genre mais, contrairement à toi, sans aucun talent quand j’étais allée pour la première fois à Chicago. Bravo.


  2. Great pics, Valorie. I love the vertical and reflected sense of space. Also, for folks with limited camera capacity – i.e., basic point and shoots, cell phone cameras, these kind of photo opportunities when we travel often turn out terrifically well. – even allowing for the basic camera technology. Also, sunsets and sunrises reflected off the facades and windows of city buildings almost always provide richly textured photos. I really appreciate being on your list to receive your photos. I learn every time. Thanks!! Dave, Minneapolis


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