Bigger Than Life #25 – Muguet

Le Muguet, Lily of the Valley, is a May favorite in France. It’s the tradition to look for it on May 1st for good luck. I found it early here this year in the woods near my house in Minnesota.

10 thoughts on “Bigger Than Life #25 – Muguet

  1. Valerie. How delightful. I did just that this morning. I picked the tiny lilies along my garden walk and sang that ridiculous little song. I gathered a small bunch and tucked them in a vintage glass vase with a raised lily design and a lovely gold rim. I will attempt a photograph and will send some day. You will see why I am not a photographer by trade. It was fun to see your post.


  2. “and I’m an impulse shooter…” Valerie…it’s so refreshing to meet a pro photographer with whom I can share such an impatient trait 🙂 And your floral image is really nice… the lilys also are in full bloom here in the San Francisco Bay area. They’re a natural subject no matter where they may be found



  3. Bientôt le 1er mai et les petits vendeurs des rues… Sous la pluie certainement!!
    Un beau brin de muguet que celui-ci dans ton jardin…


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