Street Photography ~ Snack Time!

I had a fun time with my new Passion & Vision photo walk group last saturday. It was cold and rainy but it didn’t matter. There are interesting people to photograph everywhere. These adorable children caught our attention, we also had a nice conversation with their father. Please note that he gave me the okay to post the pictures on the blog. Technically you don’t need permission for editorial street photography as long as the photos were made in a public place. I like to ask the parents whenever possible.

I converted the images into a low contrast B&W. I usually like high contrast better but when it comes to children, high key is often more fitting because of its softer feel.

7 thoughts on “Street Photography ~ Snack Time!

  1. Wonderful captures! I was the resident photographer at the pre-school/kindergarten where I was a teacher. A favorite technique was capture the students in the classrooms with furniture built to their proportion and then outside in the ‘normal’ sized world. It did wonders to help teach assistants to see the world through a child’s perspective. Your photos do just that!


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