Window Light

Today my photo walk took me to a historical farm, I love shooting in available light and I had fun this morning!

21 thoughts on “Window Light

  1. I dont know what to say, but when I saw this pictures I remember my childhood to the country and I remember my grandmother and all that thing , wich I lost my words to described.All this photo gave me the peacefull in my soul.


  2. Ce travail est excellent, beaucoup de détails, l’oeil ne sait plus où en donner de la tête!! Beau travail sur les couleurs, un ton “chaud” bien agréable qui donne un bel effet de nostalgie… Et le frére de Titi dans la paille!!!!


  3. It’s amazing pictures.The light is soft and gently,also the color are great and the pictures make you think at the past.


  4. Thank you everyone for taking the time to look at the pictures and for the kind comments! I really appreciate your support!

    @Kate, no time for a picnic, there were too many things to shoot 🙂 and the rain came soon after we left the place.


    • Thank you Jeff, I did not move any of those objects around. Actually it’s the light falling on them that attracted my attention. I simply moved myself to get the right angle for the most aesthetically pleasing composition. They were mostly grabbed shots as I was walking by, for most I only took one or two pictures. I was pleased that so many of them turned out so nicely without spending any time in post, which is another thing I try to avoid when shooting personal projects 🙂
      I really enjoy shooting still life as is, the way it presents itself. But I did work on a staged still life project last year, also in window light. It was fun too but I soon realized that you can’t over think the composition or it’s not going to work. You have to follow your heart or gut feeling and know when it’s just right. Surprisingly, it’s often the first shot that is the best one. You can see the staged still life project on this gallery:


      • <<<<>>>t

        So true, Valerie…thanks for reminding us all of that photographic axiom. After filtering thru all the technical “stuff” about an image, you just have to go for it…compose it, click it…and keep moving forward. So easy to over-think a photo…


      • Opppssss…sorry, I left out your comment which was the “axiom” I was referring to 🙂



  5. Bonjour Valérie, encore un ravissement pour l’oeil que ces merveilleuses photos. Merci de partager votre immense talent avec nous…


  6. Valerie…once again you amaze us with your photographic talents. Looks as if all of us here love shooting available light. Your top and bottom images are classics. The top with the juxtaposition of lines and circulars….the bottom with your excellent capture and control of that wide contrast range…



  7. Valerie, this set is so natural. I love all of them. I am afraid I do not have enough words to express myself. Simply wonderful!!!


  8. Valerie, your pictures are always inspirational, the natural light is so enhancing and the way you capture plain images is quite superb!


  9. Oh Valérie, I just adore this beautiful set of photographs! I love everything old and you have captured this perfectly; I can see you had fun! Got to share 🙂


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