Never Leave Home Without A Camera

I wasn’t out to take pictures this morning but I happened to be in the North Loop neighborhood in Minneapolis and I had a few minutes before my parking meter ran out. When I am not on a photo walk I usually throw an old camera with a 50mm in my bag, it’s light and it’s there in case I need it. Shooting with a 50 mm is challenging because you have to use your feet for zooming. I enjoy the challenge and the limitation, it makes you slow down and think about composition more.

You know I love street photography and I enjoy finding a stage and waiting for the action to take place. I did not have to wait too long in front of the motorcycle dealership to get some interesting people and gestures in my frame.

Then I saw those two painters working on each end of this symmetrical building and I found the scene amusing…

Never leave home without a camera and, if you still have 15 minutes in the parking meter, take a walk around the block and see the world around you!

8 thoughts on “Never Leave Home Without A Camera

  1. Thank you everyone! @Jeana the 50 mm takes time to get used to if you don’t use fixed focal lenses often. I think the more you use it, shooting different things, the more you’ll like it. It’s the non-flexibility that make them challenging and I believe that they can make anyone become a better photographer, simply because of the limitations. Have fun with it, take it on a photo walk and unleash the creativity.


  2. Good advice. I have missed so many photo opportunities when I have been without a camera. From now on I shall carry one my little oldie with me wherever I go.

    Thank you, Vi


  3. Interesting you were shooting with a 50mm! I have been practicing with mine and trying to figure out how to use it. I have been told it is an awesome portrait lens as well as macro if you use it right. I don’t ever fall into comfort with my 50mm. Any advice?


  4. Some great advices you give here, Valérie, I don’t have my camera with me all the time, but I have my cell-phone, I should use it more often. 😉 Great pics for great moments!


  5. I concur with everything you said. It’s so much fun to find something new so close to home. I love the one with the two painters too.


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