Random Objects

It doesn’t take much for me to pick up my camera and photograph ordinary objects around the house. If I see something that grabs my attention, I have to shoot it right away. It only takes seconds to take a couple of frames and it makes me happy, it’s almost like an addiction. It happened this morning when I was sweeping the petals that fell from a bouquet of wild flowers. The petals were just too beautiful to toss away so I picked up a poetry book by Rimbaud and found the poem Fleurs (French for Flowers). What a perfect backdrop for those beautiful petals… It only took a few seconds and it was worth it.

Other days it’s as simple as a new pen…

Sheet music on my piano…

It can be beautiful light on my windowsill…

Or a pair of glasses on a crossword puzzle!

11 thoughts on “Random Objects

  1. Loved this blog! It really is a matter of just looking at everyday things like they’re special and yet why do I find it so hard to do? Thank you for the inspiration!


  2. All beautiful, but the one with the glass vessels in the light between the blinds is my favorite. Funny how even a simple pen (though kinda fancy with the floral design) becomes really artistic when you look at it from a certain perspective.


  3. Honest to God Valerie, you are an inspiration! I’ve been learning most of photography lessons from you;) thanks. “can’t leave home without it”


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