Interesting Faces ~ Cool Dude

I was out with my 50mm lens again tonight. There is no hiding, you have to get close to your subject and interact. One more for the ‘Interesting Faces’ collection. I’m having so much fun!

4 thoughts on “Interesting Faces ~ Cool Dude

  1. With having to get that close to someone for their picture do you ask if you can take it or click away and hope they don’t say anything. I’ve tried street photography a couple of times, but haven’t been able to get over my fear of doing so and really haven’t gotten any pictures that I think are interesting.


    • Hi Shane,
      Here there was an interaction here and it wasn’t a candid shot, more a quick street portrait. I just went to the guy and told him that he looked cool and that I’d like to take a picture of him. It’s the adrenaline rush of asking a stranger to take his/her picture that makes it so addicting. When I shoot candid street photography I don’t ask for anything. It’s for editorial use only so no release is needed anyway.


      • I’m hoping one day that I can experience that rush and step up my skills. Thank you for sharing your photos. I really enjoy looking at them.


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