Shooting with a 50mm lens forces you to get close to your subject, maybe too close at times… After enjoying a drink on the terrace of the ‘Georges’ restaurant which is located on top of Baubourg (aka. Centre Georges Pompidou) in Paris, I stumbled upon a mime and couldn’t resist a quick snapshot. After all this is Paris and, sooner or later, you will run into a mime… Well, this one didn’t want to let me go and invited me ‘on stage’ in front of a large crowd. Being a good sport, I played along for a minute or so, and finally convinced him to release me. I’m a photographer, not a performer 😉

3 thoughts on “Caught!

  1. Haha that is great Valerie. Sometimes us photographers have to play performer to loosen up the subject! Turn about is fair play. Glad he did finally release you! 🙂 We would miss seeing your future photos if you were only a mime!!


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