Fun With The Canon 40mm f/2.8 Pancake Lens!

I bought this new lens for street photography, it’s tiny, looks inconspicuous and weights nothing. Also I like to get close to my subjects, so it’s a perfect fit. I took it out last night for an outdoor concert and again during my photo walk with friends in Stillwater this morning to see what this lens could do. I’m impressed, the thing is SHARP! I can have my 5d markII in my hand all day with that lens on and it feels like I’m holding a mirror-less camera. So far so good, I’m in love with it!

Here is a sampler:


9 thoughts on “Fun With The Canon 40mm f/2.8 Pancake Lens!

  1. A wonderful set Valerie, I come to the same conclusions, sharp especially at f4 but at f2.8 its still a jewel. I have a little photo essay with the Canon 450D and this lens here at Actually, its funny you mention that it feels like a mirrorless camera because I’ve tried all the Pannies and Ollies and I finally decided on a small Canon body and when this lens came out, that’s it it was all over.


  2. Beautiful series. The shots are tack sharp and the color ones are so rich. As always, your eye shines through. Thanks for your review of the pancake. I’ll have to look into it!


  3. Valerie,

    I was so impressed with your photos using this wonderful little lens that I did a bit more research and just bought one for myself… I’ve loved my ‘nifty-fifty’ but the reviews on this were so great, I couldn’t resist. The color is spectacular in all the examples I saw along with your testament to quality AND fun. Thanks for sharing your experience with this lens. Canon should give you a bonus for such a great sell job!

    Warmly, Diana



  4. Really great shots. It’s not a pancake, but one of my favorite lenses I shoot on my D700 is a 35/2.0D for much of the same reason. The medium-wide perspective is really versatile if you are creative – it seems to suit you really well!


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