Storytelling ~ La Rencontre

Street photography is about story telling. It’s the ability to see a gesture and capture it before it’s gone. It can be an expression or a movement. Stories unfold around us all the time, as a photographer you have to learn to see them and react quickly. The moment can be gone in a fraction of a second. The search for stories can keep me walking in a large city of hours and hours. The more I observe, the more I find inspiration. I never get tired of it but I don’t shoot a lot either. I find that if you limit the amount of pictures you take, you slow down and you get much better results. I rarely shoot more than one picture of any given subject in the street. There is no time for two frames. The moment doesn’t wait.

When I was a kid, well before I fell in love with photography, I always enjoyed making stories about strangers I’d see going about their daily lives. I usually made wonderful stories about them, how they lived happily ever after, etc. Today I am still more drawn to smiles and happy stories but, occasionally, I will see and shoot an expression of sadness or distress.

I shot this simple street image ‘La Rencontre’  during my recent trip to Paris. Is it just an exchange between a friendly waiter and a patron? Maybe… Do I want this to be the beginning of a love story? I do. And the best part is that it can be anything I want it to be!

5 thoughts on “Storytelling ~ La Rencontre

  1. You’ve written my exact thoughts about street photography! Living in NYC I can spend hours upon hours photographing on the streets and never tire…wonderful capture of a budding romance! 🙂


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