Kiosque 7 ~ Paris

Kiosque 7 is nestled in the heart of the Luxembourg Garden in Paris. You can enjoy an ice cream on a hot day or a cup of hot chocolate and a crêpe when the weather turns cool…

valerie jardin photography - Kiosque 7-1

valerie jardin photography - Kiosque 7-5

valerie jardin photography - Kiosque 7-3

valerie jardin photography - Kiosque 7-4

valerie jardin photography - Kiosque 7-1

7 thoughts on “Kiosque 7 ~ Paris

  1. The weather must have been cold, we don’t see many people, usually this type of place is pack with lots of visitors. Must be interesting to shoot in a quiet environment, but not as fun as with people. Lovely collection, Valérie!


    • It was actually warm with passing rain showers. It was so empty because I shot this early on Saturday morning. Only joggers were up that early 😉 The emptiness of the park was actually a nice change for once.


  2. Like others these captures made me want to immediately return to France. France is my absolutely favorite country of all times. As much as I love the cities, it’s the countrysides that really calls my name! Fabulous Valerie!


  3. Truly wonderful…the scene, and of course the emotion. For me, I was there with you…I could feel the air,smell it, and hear it. Your photos don’t let me just be an observer, they suck me right in. It’s an experience, each one. Merci x 100!


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