My Paris Photo Workshop ~ October 2012 ~ Action!

Here are some of the action shots I collected from everyone who participated in my October 2012 Paris Through Your Lens Photo Workshop. This wonderful group came from Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. We all had a great week doing what we love to do with friends who share the same passion for the beautiful craft of photography.

A special thank you to my good friend and UK street photographer Chris Porsz who accompanied us on a couple of photo walks.

To learn more about the workshop visit my website.

See some of my students’ work here.

In Paris life happens in the streets and that’s where most of the teaching happens too!

This little Jack Russell is actually a dog actor so she was not too intimidated by the camera. So proud of my students who quickly learned to get down on the ground in order to make some great shots from the little dog’s view of the world.

Can you tell that Melanie was missing her little dog while on the trip?

Catching up with good friend and UK street photographer Chris Porsz who accompanied us on some of our photo walks in Paris.

Finding a great spot at a cafe to shoot from was always a party!

Stay as a group and watch your gear! In the Paris Metro.

Photo credits: Chris Porsz, George Maciver and several of the workshop participants who kindly shared some of their pictures with me for this blog post.

“I highly recommend Valerie Jardin’s Photo Workshops!  ‘Paris Through Your Lens” was incredible in so many ways . . . logistically all you have to do is show up!  The hotel was beautiful & perfectly located for our photo walks.  The restaurants were close (important after a day of walking!), prepared for our group, & served a variety of delicious food.  I think the best part of the workshop, though, was learning from Valerie; she shared so much knowledge, advice & inspiration!  I am an amateur photographer who rarely saw beyond the “postcard” shot.  Valerie expanded my imagination & my confidence, helping me see the unusual in the usual, beauty in ordinary things, and recognizing & appreciating my budding talent.  Thanks, Valerie!  I can’t wait to participate in another workshop with you!”  Nancy N

“Valerie’s Paris Photo Workshop was definitely a “pinch me” moment that lasted throughout the week. Receiving hands-on camera and photo tips from Valerie, walking and taking the metro to a wide variety of locations in which to shoot, and sharing the adventure with a small group of like-minded enthusiasts made this a unique and FUN experience. This workshop is valuable for photographers of all levels, from beginners on up; it will definitely alter how you look through your lens. I would love to attend another one, this time with my husband!”  Susan G., Tennessee

“Trip of a lifetime, my wife and I wanted to return to Paris but do something different.  There is nothing like a week of focused effort on your favorite subject with your favorite hobby guided by someone who deeply cares about both. We came away with new shooting skills and friends from the workshop.”  John and Lisa Taylor

“Valerie’s love for and skill in capturing moments is contagious!  Every day while participating in her workshop I was at once inspired and overwhelmed!  Around the third day, when I thought I could not take another step, she would say something about one of my photos either encouraging or simply pointing out how it might have been better, and I was compelled to keep pushing forward.  The things I learned are timeless and can be applied to any situation – travel, family event, special occasion, indoors, outdoors.  I fully expect all my photos to improve as a result of this week in Paris with Valerie!” Melanie, Madison, MS.

“For anyone with a love of photography and wishing to improve their skills by extending their vision of the world through their lens, the workshop ” Paris Through Your Lens”, held in the French capital, by Valérie Jardin, is something not to be missed. The combination of world class photographers for instructors, excellent accommodation and dining as well as wonderful camaraderie, provided an unforgettable experience designed to enhance one’s photographic ability together with the series of shoots at numerous picturesque locations throughout Paris. I am very grateful to Valérie for providing this once in a lifetime opportunity which has markedly improved the quality and composition of my photos. I have also made a great group of new friends that I hope to meet again some time in the future, hopefully at another of Valérie’s photo adventures! I highly recommend this workshop.” Denise M Lawry Melbourne, Australia

3 thoughts on “My Paris Photo Workshop ~ October 2012 ~ Action!

  1. Thank you so much Valerie for inviting me and it was great to catch up since our London walk. Considering many of the students were new to the challenging world of street photography the results they have produced are very impressive and testimony to the benefits of good tutition and a quality workshop.The images speak for themselves and I highly recommend future workshops to anyone who wants to improve their craft from such an enthusiastic and experienced photographer as Valerie Jardin. Walking the streets of Paris with the group was great fun and an exquisite meal with good wine was a perfect end to the day.


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