Getting Lost On Purpose ~ Escaping The Winter Blues

Every so often I get in the car, just me and my camera, and I hit the road with no destination in mind. I stop at some favorite spots, such as the old tree in the prairie which I have photographed a hundred times because it has gesture and speaks to me. Soon after, the sky starts clearing, and I notice a fence running across the tundra-like landscape like a wound. I decide to make a turn on a snow covered dirt road in search of new treasures when an old car greets me from the top of a snowbank. The light on my dashboard goes on, warning me to refuel. It’s time to find my way back home. I stop one more time to shoot a splash of color at a nearby farm. I feel like a kid on a treasure hunt.

winter drive-1

winter drive-4

winter drive-2

winter drive-5

winter drive-6

11 thoughts on “Getting Lost On Purpose ~ Escaping The Winter Blues

  1. I have found myself doing this on occasion. It’s good for the soul just to get out by yourself and be creative! Although it’s difficult when you have two young children…
    Beautiful photos. Very inspiring!


  2. Wow, you’re so good on taking the basics…and finding the most minimal way of expressing them. Luv the 2nd-from-the-top image…perhaps as “countryside-minimal” as one could get 🙂 And I like your header – “Getting Lost on Purpose…” Reminds me of my fav jazz singer/trumperter Chet Baker and one of his signature songs “Let’s Get Lost”…


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