Ice Fishing In Minnesota

Minnesota, the land of 10 000 frozen lakes… Every winter, small communities of ice fishing houses make their appearance on our local lakes. Each little house is well equipped with a wood burning stove, a TV to watch the football game as well as lots beer and snacks to last a day or two. Do Minnesota fishermen actually spend their weekends out on the frozen lakes to catch fish? That’s what I wanted to find out yesterday when I walked across a nearby lake to the closest ice fishing shacks from the shore.

After walking a little while I met Steve who was enjoying some fresh air on a beautiful, and relatively warm sunny day. The temperature yesterday afternoon reached about 3°F (-16°C), the warmest it had been in days. We talked for a while and I soon learned that his buddies were fishing inside the shack where the temperature was at a comfortable 70°F (21°C). I had to invite myself over and greet them with my camera.

As I was shooting, several other fishermen came out from the comfort of their warm cabins to greet me and share fishing stories. Most admitted that they hang out on the lake every weekend to be with friends, drink beer and escape various chores at home. Yes, as I thought, fishing was only an excuse…

Ice fishing communities form on most Minnesota lakes every winter.

Ice fishing communities appear on most Minnesota lakes every winter.

Valerie Jardin Photography Ice Fishing-2

Valerie Jardin Photography Ice Fishing-3

Steve was out enjoying the beautiful day, drilling some new holes in the ice…

Valerie Jardin Photography Ice Fishing-4

Valerie Jardin Photography Ice Fishing-5

Valerie Jardin Photography Ice Fishing-6

Valerie Jardin Photography Ice Fishing-9

Meanwhile, inside the ice shack, Steve’s buddies where enjoying fishing from the comforts of home.

Valerie Jardin Photography Ice Fishing-8

Not too far, Andy was putting all the chances on his side with the help of an ice fishing radar.

Valerie Jardin Photography Ice Fishing-12

Valerie Jardin Photography Ice Fishing-10

3 thoughts on “Ice Fishing In Minnesota

  1. Thank you, thank you. I read and heard about people going to Minnesota for ice fishing, and really no idea/ clue of what they really do:))) thank you for the story and beautiful pictures. What wonderful Sunday treat!!! I learn a new one today.


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