Small Town USA

February… The dreaded month! In Minnesota it’s the time of the year when you start wishing for a new snow storm to get out with your camera again. Your other option is to redeem those frequent flyer miles and head south until may or june.

Some friends and I went out to look for eagles this morning. There were plenty of them, against a very boring grey sky and all out of lens reach (no one had an 800mm with…) None of us are avid bird photographers, or aspire to be, so we quickly decided to find a place to eat lunch instead of freezing in one place. After a good lunch we started exploring ‘small town USA’. Photographically speaking, it was not a satisfying day. On the other hand, it’s on challenging days like today that you grow the most by learning to see interesting things and a very ordinary place.

Valerie Jardin - Urban-2

Valerie Jardin - Urban-3

Valerie Jardin - Urban-4

Valerie Jardin - Urban-5

Good dog!

Valerie Jardin - Urban-6

Valerie Jardin - Urban-1

This is where picnic tables come to die…

9 thoughts on “Small Town USA

  1. I got my wish for some snow which turned out to be a 30 inch blizzard. So I took the time to timelapse it for about 1500 shots. I tried to put it together with LRTimelapse which works really well if you really follow the instructions. I think I will keep to my street portraits. Thanks for letting me vent.


  2. You Have a great eye ,Most people pass be these things and never notice them, But the lines and textures make the photo. Like the Dog and the Tables. Thanks for sharing. Love from Scotland xx


  3. I miss living in small town USA and living in a place with lots of snow. Seeing the photos were a reminder of finding the beauty in the everyday.


  4. Hello Valerie from Israel! I like Your photos and I learn a lot from U. Like seeing” unUsual” in an usual surrounding.My eyes are getting more sensitive.It is vary nice feeling of awareness.Photo with the Dog is great.


  5. Hi Valerie,
    It has only been gray here in Minnesota 32 out of the 1st 40 days of 2013. Reminds me of a book I once read to three young boys, my sons.
    It goes like ” Gray day, everything is gray. It is hard to get up and even move today” or something like that :))))))))))))))


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