A Minimalist Afternoon

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve seen the same subjects several times and in different seasons. There are places and subjects that speak to you as an artist. I am drawn to those trees. Like people, they have gesture and grace. I cannot go by them without photographing them and they always look different, they always tell a different story. It was a good day to be a photographer on the Minnesota country roads yesterday afternoon…

Valerie Jardin - In The Storm-4

Valerie Jardin - In The Storm-3Valerie Jardin - In The Storm-2Valerie Jardin - In The Storm-1

10 thoughts on “A Minimalist Afternoon

  1. First image is my favorite I think. Very much enjoyed this set of images. I love trees and know what you mean about having favorite subjects to return to again and again. For me its a row of Copper Beeches in a church yard not far away from my home.


  2. Bleak midwinter. You have captured it well, the tree is stunning standing out against the winter background. The Barn and Horses with their hint of colour just makes a beautiful photo xx


  3. I have loved minimalist since I was a little girl and saw a “portrait” of a woman in a hat. One line was the outline of her face along her cheek. One was the sweep of the hat brim down along her other cheek, and the last was the hint of an eye. Yet in my mind I could see her completely. It’s a true partnership of artist and involved observer. And of course, my friends remark on my minimalist clothes, furniture and fingernails! I find it actually more stimulating than the usual assault on the senses. These are fascinating pictures. The tree is like a charcoal drawing. It would go well on my wall.


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