Photo Antiquing

It’s been a long winter here in Minnesota. I photographed plenty of minimalist snowy landscapes. I’m ready for a change of scenery and for people to come out on the streets again.

Fortunately, I have a favorite place in Minneapolis where I go ‘photo antiquing’ on a regular basis. It’s called Architectural Antiques. Every time I visit, I discover new treasures. Better yet, I notice some familiar objects placed in a different spot. With a little luck there is a bit of window light to work with. I shoot in ambient light at high ISO.

I think it is important for every photographer to exercise ‘visual push-ups’ as often as possible. Try to make the ordinary look extraordinary wherever your camera takes you!

Here is what caught my eye yesterday…

Valerie Jardin - Architectural Antiques-1

Valerie Jardin -Architectural Antiques-6

Valerie Jardin -Architectural Antiques-8

Valerie Jardin -Architectural Antiques-4

Valerie Jardin -Architectural Antiques-3

Valerie Jardin -Architectural Antiques-7

Valerie Jardin -Architectural Antiques-11

Valerie Jardin -Architectural Antiques-13

Valerie Jardin -Architectural Antiques-12

Valerie Jardin -Architectural Antiques-1

Valerie Jardin -Architectural Antiques-2

Valerie Jardin -Architectural Antiques-9

12 thoughts on “Photo Antiquing

    • Yes I did. It’s important to ask permission to photograph in a store, especially antique stores. A lot of them won’t allow photography because they have jewelry and other valuables on display. I find that if you ask and explain why you want to shoot, they are more likely to give you the okay than if they catch you sneaking a picture or two.


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