On The Streets Of DC

From West Coast to East Coast, my head was still spinning from my visit to San Diego when I found myself in a totally different world in Washington DC a few days later. My approach is similar. Some were shot with my iPhone 4S, others with my 5DMrkII and a 40mm fixed lens and I go from candid street photography to street portraiture as my heart desires. The people are the soul of a place, and I will never tire from photographing them.

Here are a few of my personal favorite images from my Washington DC adventure! Feel free to leave a comment, tell me about your own experience or simply share which one is your favorite and why. Thanks!

Valerie Jardin ~ DC Street Photography-11

Valerie Jardin ~ DC Street Photography-4

Valerie Jardin ~ DC street-1

Valerie Jardin ~ DC Capitol steps-1

Valerie Jardin ~ DC Street Photography-2

Valerie Jardin ~ DC Street Photography-1

Valerie Jardin ~ DC Street Photography-3

Valerie Jardin ~ DC Street Photography-5

Valerie Jardin ~ Eastern Market-1

Valerie Jardin ~ DC Street Photography-7

Valerie Jardin ~ iPhone DC Street Photography-1Valerie Jardin ~ iPhone DC Street Photography-2Valerie Jardin ~ iPhone DC Street Photography-3

Valerie Jardin ~ DC Street Photography-10

Valerie Jardin ~ DC Street Photography-6

Valerie Jardin ~ DC Street Photography-12

Valerie Jardin ~ DC Street Photography-13

12 thoughts on “On The Streets Of DC

  1. Beautiful collection of street images. My favorite are two elegant ladies in image 6, they are so city-like in their attire, they fit right in, and at the same time stand out in modern casual world. Another is third to last, there is something in this man, although he is tuned away from me, that just draws me to this image. And the last, showing the movement and hurry, so typical to stations. On the side note, I sometimes wonder how you choose which ones you will and which ones you will not convert to black and white? Why, for example, none of your California images were converted?


  2. The smile on the pedi cab is great, also the man standing by moving subway is cool because its reminds me of how fast time goes / life.


  3. Do you take these photos in black-and-white, or do you edit them later? I love the black-and-white of the streetscapes. To me it adds an additional dimension to the “cityness” of the photos.


  4. Great set of images, Valérie! I admire your “courage” to go so close to people and photographing them. I still struggle to do the same. Maybe one day… Love the first shot!


  5. Thank you for your fantastic photos Valerie. My favourite in this batch is the profile shot of the very stylish man with the feather in his hat. I love the way he fills the frame and with the street scape still identifiable in the backgroud.


  6. What is a pancake lens? What makes it so special? I love these shots! Did you ask all these people’s permission before photographing them? When you do, do you just tell them to keep doing whatever they’re doing and shoot away?


    • Hi Louise! Thank you for your comment. The Canon 40mm pancake lens is a fixed focal length lens which is very thin (about 2 cm thick). You zoom with your feet and it requires you to get quite close to your subjects (most close up shots here were taken less than 2 meters away for the subject. No, I do not need nor ask permission to photograph people in the streets for editorial use. If there is an interaction (street portrait) then yes, I tell the person why I want to make a portrait of them. Such as the pedicab driver, I told him he had a great smile! The rest of the time people don’t even notice me. Candid street photography doesn’t work if you ask permission, it becomes a street portrait and those are two very different things. I hope this answers your questions!


      • Wow, that answered a long time question of mine, thanks for asking and for the quick reply.


  7. so proud of the city. thank you Valerie. Do I see Liam Neeson sitting on the steps? just kidding. love the Union Station shots, and with the people who are engaged with their phones:))) love them all!!


  8. I’ve been to Washington D.C. twice in my life and will be back there again in May (I can’t wait). I have loved the city from the moment I first set eyes on her.

    Wonderful set of photos. Love the Metro shot!


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