Think outside the postcard!

The best part of my job, besides taking pictures, is to teach others to see photographically. When you find yourself in a place with iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or the US Capitol (pictured below), try to think outside the postcard shot. Create your own iconic images of famous places. Why would you want to go on the trip of a life-time and return home with clichés that you could have purchased from the postcard stand at the airport?

I was in Washington DC last weekend and, although my goal was to do street photography, I still wanted to capture a few shots of the famous landmarks. As I walked by the massive US Capitol, I instantly saw its reflection on a black shiny marble surface. I like to include people in the frame, especially when I travel.  Even as secondary subjects, people add life and movement to your images. Here they certainly add a sense of scale.

Next time you find yourself in front of a landmark that has been photographed by millions of people before you, try something new and grow as a photographer.

Valerie Jardin ~ Capitol DC  Photography-1

9 thoughts on “Think outside the postcard!

  1. Wonderful! I love to photograph and view photographs of reflections. This is a champion shot and all the more better in black & white!


  2. Valerie. Leaving following you around the world. Stop by A Little Bird on Grand if you are hanging around in South Minneapolis. I have some new fun things that would capture your keen eye. I’m off to the Mayan Riviera for a much needed break, will be back in the store March 26 th. Would love to catch up and hear about your adventures.
    Jodi Sandberg


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