San Diego Photo Workshop ~ Action Shots And Students’ Work


As some of you already know, I taught a photography workshop in San Diego, California earlier this month. It was a weekend about story telling! The workshop included an ‘Introduction To Street Photography’ and teaching about ‘Learning to See Photographically’. Day 1 started in the classroom with a presentation followed by a photo walk for the rest of the day. Day 2 started early on location and ended in the classroom with post processing and critique.

My students kindly shared some of their images. First you will see a few action shots followed by some of the participants’ work. Enjoy!

Action shots


Me leading my group through the beautiful arches of Balboa Park.

photographers 1

Day one was hot! Here we are regrouping in the shade, sharing more tips and ideas.

Action shot San Diego-2

Jim San Diego-1

Jim taking a break to pose for the rest of the group!

john and jim (1 of 1) judy (1 of 1)

_Y2A6978 nancy and little girl (1 of 1) Tillson Valerie 5275

Just before dinner we found a great place to sit and relax, enjoy a drink and photograph people passing by as the sun was setting.

Just before dinner we found a great place to sit and relax, enjoy a drink and photograph people passing by as the sun was setting.

Group San Diego-1

What a fun group with a true a passion for photography!


Some of my students’ beautiful work…

flippers 2_Snapseed

girl taking dad's pic_Snapseed



©Nani Strumpf


©Nani Strumpf

©Nani Strumpf

©Nani Strumpf




IMG_3481 4

IMG_3492 5

IMG_6897 1

IMG_6972 2

IMG_7163 3

IMG_7278 3


©Janet Wytrych


©Janet Wytrych


©Janet Wytrych


©Janet Wytrych


©Janet Wytrych


©Jim Schwertman


©Jim Schwertman


©Jim Schwertman


©Jim Schwertman

SDworkshop (1 of 1)-15

SDworkshop (1 of 1)-21

SDworkshop (1 of 1)-20

Tillson Poodle Balboa Park

Tillson Portrait woman w dog 5141

Tillson Sax man

red taable and chairs (1 of 1) figure and blue door (1 of 1)girls patting dog (1 of 1)girl taking dad's pic_Snapseed boys looking up dress (1 of 1) house on stilts bw (1 of 1)

Diana Shay Diehl-2

Diana Shay Diehl-4

Diana Shay Diehl-1

Diana Shay Diehl-3


“Attending the workshop with Valerie was an inspiring event.  She was friendly, kind, and encouraging as we toured some of San Diego’s most scenic spots during this workshop.  The most valuable activities of the weekend were the photo walks with personal instruction from Valerie in framing the shots, looking for the right perspective and eliminating unnecessary details from the shot.  She taught us so many things, but one of my favorite bits of instruction from her was, “Learn to see the light.”  This was truly an experience worth having.”  ~ Susan Padilla

“Once again, I was fortunate to attend another of Valerie’s workshops, this time in San Diego, the first in Paris. As usual, Valerie was helpful and full of information, opening our eyes to potentially great shots. I came home with a multitude of wonderful memories and images, and would highly recommend Valerie’s workshops to anyone wanting to improve their photography and have a great time.” ~ Denise Lawry ~ Melbourne, Australia

“The San Diego Photo Workshop was my second Valerie Jardin workshop, and once again, it was time well spent. Valerie’s love for photography is evident, as is her ability as a teacher. The classroom sessions and the photo walks will allow you to put into practice both new skills and a new way of viewing what is around you, and you will also have time to post-edit your work and get feedback. The atmosphere is casual and fun-filled, and provides a warm environment for learning and improvement. After having experienced the Paris and San Diego workshops, I look forward to joining Valerie in another location and continuing to grow as a photographer.”   ~ Susan Goudge ~ Tennessee

Find out more about my photography workshop by visiting my website.


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  1. what a wonderful collections Valerie! can’t pick one over the other, it would be unfair. I have to share with my friends , for them to enjoy as I do.


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