Rusty Metal, Peeling Paint, Shiny Things And A Garbage Can

I made another visit to Architectural Antiques in Minneapolis this week. This time my focus was more on textures and colors. I even find their walls interesting! There is beauty all around us, you just have to see it…

Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-18

Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-10

Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-9

Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-5

Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-4

Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-14 Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-12

Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-13Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-2

Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-3Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-8 Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-7 Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-6 Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-1 Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-15 Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-11 Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-16 Valerie Jardin Photography - Antiques-17

14 thoughts on “Rusty Metal, Peeling Paint, Shiny Things And A Garbage Can

  1. I’m constantly learning from your posts and I see my photography skill growing. I see you just acquired the Fujifilm x100s and that you’re open to suggestions should you name it. It’s so elegantly retro, how about Sam Spade: Private Eye?


  2. They can use the blog post and share the small images on social media but if they want high res images they can use for promotional purposes they have to hire me for the job. I then bring different equipement, tripod, etc. And it becomes a commercial shoot.


  3. I am often wondering, if you go to places like Architectural Antiques, are you asking for permission to photograph in the place (I am assuming it is a store), or just do it? Are businesses like that open to the fact that you are not there to buy anything?


      • Thanks, Valerie. Let me ask you a follow up question- Are you often asked to provide some of the images you shot or do you volunteer to do that? Sometime those relationships are fragile, and I want to make sure I won’t do any faux pas- neither for store owner, nor to potential commercial photographers in the area….


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