Remember Fujifilm Velvia?

I had a little fun at market with my new Fuji X100S. I set it to Film Simulation Velvia. Remember Velvia Fujichrome from the film days? Remember its vibrance? There was nothing else like it.

Let’s face it: Fuji knows color! Valerie Jardin Photography - Fujy Velvia-7 Valerie Jardin Photography - Fujy Velvia-9 Valerie Jardin Photography - Fujy Velvia-8 Valerie Jardin Photography - Fujy Velvia-3 Valerie Jardin Photography - Fujy Velvia-1Valerie Jardin Photography - Fujy Velvia-4

Valerie Jardin Photography - Fujy Velvia-6Valerie Jardin Photography - Fujy Velvia-12

The only post processing done was a slight exposure and white balance adjustment. No vibrance added!

14 thoughts on “Remember Fujifilm Velvia?

  1. You’re right. Fuji does know colours. Sometimes I wish I knew about this camera before I bought my first DSLR in December last year. Having a good camera with a fixed-focal lens would have meant the only thing I had to worry about would have been taking pictures.


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