I Love Paris In The Spring Time ~ Day 1

I arrived in Paris this morning on a beautiful Spring day. I spent the afternoon wandering the streets with my new Fuji x100s. I had some wonderful encounters with so many friendly compatriots. Here are some of my favorite shots of the day. Which one is your favorite?

Valerie Jardin Photography - Paris Day 1-1 Valerie Jardin Photography - Paris Day 1-2 Valerie Jardin Photography - Paris Day 1-3 Valerie Jardin Photography - Paris Day 1-4 Valerie Jardin Photography - Paris Day 1-5 Valerie Jardin Photography - Paris Day 1-6

18 thoughts on “I Love Paris In The Spring Time ~ Day 1

  1. Ah, that’s why the photos are so great. Apart from the great photographer, she’s using an X100S. They’re all good, but I like the last one best because of the unspoken dialogue.


  2. Lovely series, Valerie. My favorite is second image, love how the white clothes stands out from all those motorcycles in the shadows. Their repeating pattern also adds interests. Although, the smile of the guy making crepe is irresistible, too ;).


  3. I like the last one, as there seems to be a story there, with the respective expressions and body language. 🙂


  4. Apparently, a beautiful city and a beautiful woman with a beautiful camera results in beautiful photos. Nicely done. It seems like black and white was made for HCB’s city.


  5. Love the second one! I think he is a waiter and is happy to be on a break! I have never been to Paris, France but I live in Paris Ontario Canada so I will pretend!


  6. Great Pictures, have a great time while you are there. I like them all as usual but the guy on the bike you caught in on the roll both feet still on the pedals, great shot and he is smiling at you…. what a fun shot. the second one that struck me is the vintage look is wonderful as well, although, upon reading other comments, it seems that is a real Paris picture, I hop you enjoyed your crepe, he is cute….


  7. I like them all Valerie, but my favorite is definitely the gentleman with the apron – chef, butcher, baker?


  8. Valerie, these pictures are superb. I just love the range of tonal values you achieve. Do you post process in Lightroom?


  9. My favorite is the second one with the fellow (waiter, butcher, baker?) and the motorcycles/scooters hit me as the Paris I visited few times when I visited in the ’80s -’90s and in the photos of the late 40s, 50s, and 60s There is a very natural European feel to it. I doubt you could bet anything like that here in the States without staging it.

    I also like the was you use B&W to evoke the timeless charm of that beautiful city!


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