The Minneapolis Streets Are Alive!

I spent the weekend teaching a street photography workshop in Minneapolis to a fun group of passionate photographers. Everyone had a great time shooting candid street photography as well as street portraits. For me, teaching what I love is the most gratifying experience. Making new friends in the process is the icing on the cake!

When I lead a workshop I have very little time to shoot, as I try to spend as much 1:1 time with my students as possible throughout the day. I still managed to snap a few pictures along the way with my Fuji x100s…  The streets were alive in Minneapolis over the weekend!

Valerie Jardin Photography - street-8Valerie Jardin Photography - street-1Valerie Jardin Photography - street-5 Valerie Jardin Photography - street-4Valerie Jardin Photography - street-16 Valerie Jardin Photography - street-2 Valerie Jardin Photography - street-1Valerie Jardin Photography - street-17 Valerie Jardin Photography - street-10 Valerie Jardin Photography - street-6

Valerie Jardin Photography - street-9 Valerie Jardin Photography - street-3 Valerie Jardin Photography - street-11Valerie Jardin Photography - street-14 Valerie Jardin Photography - street-12 Valerie Jardin Photography - street-13

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6 thoughts on “The Minneapolis Streets Are Alive!

  1. Hi Valerie; It’s “cool” to see the pictures you have taken and know that I was there. It helps just to see what is b/w and how some pictures are posed: angle, details, highlights, etc… Cathy



  2. are you considering scheduling another workshop in Paris or another european site, and if so when? (I’ve done Normandy…)




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