Iceland Part Deux

As you may know, I am definitely more of an urban shooter than a landscape photographer. For one thing, street photography doesn’t require loads of heavy equipment to carry all day, and I like people! I much admire dedicated landscape photographers who set out at the break of dawn with a heavy back pack filled with camera bodies, extra lenses and a sturdy tripod. That is just not me. I set out on this adventure with the Fuji x100s and its fixed lens only. I like the challenge. I can’t say that I did not wish once or twice today that I had brought my Canon slr with the 70-200mm with me, but the ease of traveling light outweighs some of the sacrifices. Here are some of the pics I shot ‘somewhere’ in Iceland today…

valerie jardin photography - Iceland Landscape-3

valerie jardin photography - Iceland-1valerie jardin photography - Iceland Landscape-5valerie jardin photography - Iceland Landscape-7valerie jardin photography - Iceland Landscape-2valerie jardin photography - Iceland Landscape-4valerie jardin photography - Iceland Landscape-8valerie jardin photography - Iceland Landscape-10valerie jardin photography - Icelandic Church-1valerie jardin photography - Icelandic Church-2valerie jardin photography - Iceland Landscape-9

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